Ybalferran / Zosia Hołubowska – Double Album Release Show

by Sonic Territories Festival

mi 22032320:00 Live
Double Album Release Show
with Ybalferran, Zosia Hołubowska
Ybalferran presents „KARADI“
Moving on from the fairly slow-paced timeline conventionally associated with the genres of his choice, on Karadi Ybalferran takes a step towards the more erratic organization of deconstructed genres of contemporary electronics.
Karadi weaves abundant visions designed to evoke the state of uncanniness and nostalgia for one’s own native land.
Błażej Kotowski (aka Ybalferran aka YOY aka perpetual beta) is a polish researcher and an artist based in Linz, Austria. Alongside the his long activity in experimental music, he produces media art installations and writes on the intersection of art and technology. He forms a part of several collectives focused on publishing music and organising cultural activities across the borders.
Zosia Hołubowska presents „SINGING WARMIA“
„Singing Warmia“ is an attempt to deal with the lack of family archives and the inability to establish a relationship with the place of birth.
Instead of family stories, the album’s material is photos of the artist’s favorite places around Olsztyn (capital city of Warmia region), which were sonified using processes designed by the artists. The bends of the Łyna become the signals controlling the synthesizers. The arrangement of tree branches is translated into a melody, and the splashes of light on the waves of the river constitute a harmonic spectrum of sounds resembling the whispers and wailing of phantoms.
Zosia Holubowska is a non-binary sound artist, queer music activist, researcher, and producer. They work on topics of queering archives, healing practices, and interspecies intimacy. They create performances, sound installations, and radio works and compose soundscapes for dance performances. In 2022 together with Julia Giertz, they premiered an immersive audio ritual Community of Grieving, commissioned by Unsound and Elevate Festival. Since 2016 they curate Sounds Queer? a project dedicated to empowering marginalized groups through electronic music.
Graphic Design: Paulina Trzeciak
IG @paulinatrzeciak.pl