Vox Vitae / Alexander / Nasi / Anton R / Wherzzz

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Vox Vitae [Vienna]

Vox Vitae is a new project by Ksenia Bakhtina where techno merges with sound art to create a unique, authentic sound experience.
Ksenia Bakhtina is a musician, conductor, and interdisciplinary artist who began her journey in classical music and conducting. Ksenia creates electroacoustic and acousmatic music both in live performances and fixed media.

Alexander [Tbilisi/Metastasis]

Alexander Khokhiashvili is a musician electronic music composer and DJ known by the stage name Alexander. Apart from an individual career, he is a drummer of a fusion band MokuMoku and an experimental electro-acoustic project called Metastasis. His diverse musical experiences are the main highlight of his various track selections.
Genres: Techno, raw deep , hypnotic experimental and groovy.
Experience: Café-gallery, Tbilisi Pride Festival, Wings Of Desire (Bassiani), Success Bar.

Nasi [Tbilisi/Metastasis]

Nasi is a DJ, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in her hometown of Tbilisi. Her musical journey began with cello, percussion, and classical music, which she effectively incorporates into her alternative and experimental electronic music projects, such as MokuMoku and Metastasis. In her sets, you will experience unique rhythmical sensations alongside her characteristic ambient/noise/musique concrète sounds.
She primarily performs groove-infused, fast-paced, peak-time techno. One of the main characteristics of her production is shaped not only by her musical experiences but also by her non-binary identity.
Experience: KHIDI main stage/G2; FACTION (event series); Tbilisi Pride Fest; Wings oF desire/BASSIANI; Left Bank; Zeche; Café gallery; Success bar; Wienstation;

Anton R [Vienna]

Vienna based DJ, since 2018 plays electronic music in various clubs in Vienna.
(Techno/trance/peak-time/hard techno)

Wherzzz [Vienna]

Vienna based DJ (techno/house/break)