Metastasis [Live] / Stagnat [Live] / Ksenia Bakhtina [Live]

sa 27072420:00 Abendkassa Live

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Electroacoustic, ambient, noise , music concrete project.

Founded in 2018 during anti-government demonstrations in Tbilisi,Georgia. The band was initially part of the civil movement „White Noise“ which advocated against Georgia’s brutal drug policies.Metastasis, starting from improvised performances during the demonstrations, soon transformed into a full-fledged musical project. Since then, Metastasis has become a significant part of the Tbilisi electronic music scene.


is an electronic A/V project of two Slovenian artists, based in Vienna. Their outburst is a result of a thrive for a joined musical expression and a branching of the past visually-centered artistic endeavors. Their first gig was as an improvised live act at Festival Izvir (Formaviva) in the Summer of 2019. In 2020 they self-released their first EP Synchrony of Falling and were featured on the compilation of the local record label Sigma5. Their debut album together with an experimental film was released in March of 2021 on the London-based label Singularity Recordings. In December 2021 they co-founded their own label DE/FRAGMENT. Since then they released 2 EPs, Subterranean Occurrence (DE/FRAGMENT), and Twilight World (Scarlet Carson Black)…


is a musician, conductor, and cross-disciplinary artist who creates electroacoustic and acousmatic music. In her performances, she blends the sounds of synthesizers, electromagnetic and touch sensors, her own voice, and uses digital instruments and field recordings, allowing her to craft complex, multi-layered soundscapes.