STATEMENT: Safety & Awareness #technometoovienna [EN]

In light of recent events:
At rhiz, there has been and continues to be zero tolerance for sexual misconduct and other forms of violence. Nevertheless, even in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, we find ourselves increasingly confronted with issues that may originate from patrons, individuals we choose not to admit, or even well-trained external security personnel.

In recent months, to enhance our small venue’s capabilities and resources, we have undertaken the following actions:

    • Initiated contact with Respect Existence and introduced the ‚Red Card‘ for non-verbal communication of incidents to support victims


    • Prepared a workshop for our team and external security personnel,
      which will occur soon.



    • Discussed our measures and house rules in consultation with an awareness expert active in the Vienna Club Scene


    • Addressed the issue with political authorities responsible for the Vienna Belt area (meetings with District 1160, District 1080, District 1170, Police 1160, MA48, Vienna Public Transport, Addiction and Drug Coordination Vienna, Addiction Aid Vienna, Obdach Josi).


    • Submitted a plan to the Magistrate for changes to the outdoor seating area in District 1160, to improve the situation in front of our doors.


    • Established direct communication with event organizers and facilitated personal connections with our team and security personnel.


    • Prepared written agreements for event nights, outlining the procedures and protocols.


To prepare for the upcoming season, we have made significant improvements in our communication efforts:

    • Enhanced collaboration among the bar team, event organizers, and security personnel.


    • Implemented personalized communication with each guest, complemented by informative flyers.


    • Made our house rules more accessible by expressing them in non-violent language.


  • Updated our security concept.

We hope these actions demonstrate our commitment to creating a safer and more inclusive environment for our patrons.

Should an incident of misconduct occur involving event organizers, the rhiz team, or any individuals directly associated with rhiz, we will not tolerate it and will take immediate action. rhiz does not condone or participate in a ‚buddy network.‘

We consider it paramount, especially in an area of the city that has been defined as a hub for youth and club culture, also through our efforts, to provide and maintain a safe space in a challenging environment. We stand in solidarity with every victim and urge all guests, artists, and night workers to watch out for one another, not turn a blind eye, and act in a supportive and unified manner when the situation demands it. Our vision of club culture and societal alternatives can only be realized collectively and collaboratively, especially in times of increasing crises and conflicts.