Vienna Struggle

w/ LIVE: Shikoba (Planet Almanac, Leipzig) & dj sets by: MW + Evaversum + Mandy Mozart

di 15112219:30 Abendkassa DJ Live Party
Vienna Struggle crawls straight out of the meta verse. We exercise self love and want to show you who we can be in the flesh. A place for people to meet and explore music together. Join us on an intimate music night at Rhiz and explore sonic livesets and landscapes.
⛓️ 💐 Shikoba
SHIKOBA, real name Adem Zor, creative mind behind the interstellar label Planet Almanac, varies in his DJ sets in the hypnotic tension field between Krautrock, Experimental and Techno. Juggling with the sound aesthetics appeals to him the most. Dance Music, which transfers the club night’s escapism to a more artistic than functional level.
Loops, polyrhythms and sound aesthetics are the three key words with which his live sets can be described. Natural sounds combined with digital synthesis, using the listener as a medium to close the gap between these two.
Through the use of polyrhythmics in combination with the use of the Euclidean algorithm, he tries to recreate, recombine and/or rerhythmize culturally manifested rhythms in order to create an exchange between cultures, to break listening habits and to reach the body differently.
He himself understands his live sets as experienceable ideas, which are presented and carried forward by the experiencer and be thought even further.
⛓️ 💐 MW
The alter ego of artist Natasha Moreno, nail artist and sound and chemist. She is a student of fine art at Angewandte, was evaluating your covid tests, pimping your selfie makeup and quality testing your local beers for purity. After participating at Mathew Johnson’s masterclass she has been exploring not only modular soundscapes, but a wide range of dance floor inspired electronica. She is a member of Vienna Struggle’s ominous Acid Section, part of the metaverse orchestra.
⛓️ 💐 Evaversum
Warming up the night with her favorite choices. Eva is a routine producer of events all across Austria’s avant garde and sub culture scene. As coordinator for Creau, Villa Shapira, Usus am Wasser, and Schmiede Hallein, to about managing and mediating almost all artists and collectives in Vienna at least once in their existence she has gathered an amazing overview of Austria’s experimental music landscape. Her selection is rooted in Detroit techno and dub inspired electronica and will open the night for you, audio apprentice. Join Eva’s Universe!
⛓️ Mandy Mozart
Whispering poetry over ambient pads.
Mandy Mozart is working on the intersection between composition, visual arts, performance, user interfaces and programming. Their sound is inspired by baroque and classical choir music, Korean shamanism, KPop, psychoacoustic electronic ambient and techno music.
Like a fallen angel they find meaning in embodiment and honesty through songs and poems.
Their performance becomes a soothing healing practice for the mental trauma our technocratic societies have left us with. Experience the mental transformations Mandy Mozart is encountering as a man, as being, as a splintered persona becoming human again and finding refuge in a ritual made of words and sound dealing with the unsolvable complexities they face in our relationships with machines and hyper realities.
The proposed album preview is a direct continuation of their previous three collaborative albums: “Art of Anatomy” with Jiin Ko (2013), “Snaw Crosh” (2020), “Love For Women” (2022) and EPs: “Exodus” – SYN3A (2017), “Tuuumannyy” – Autotom.ia (2021) and their debut as a singer and performer.

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