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Slowfoam (a.k.a. Madelyn Byrd) is a composer, DJ and performer based in Berlin. Their eclectic taste & avante-garde approach to sound produces experimental compositions of intricate melodies, dissonant rhythms, and soft, emotive soundscapes. Slowfoam’s latest releases on labels like mappa, Somewhere Press and Lillerne Tapes show their broad facets and musical abilities to create dissolving and intangible worlds through immersive sounds.
Rabih Beaini (formerly known as Morphosis) is a producer and DJ living and working in Berlin. In his sets he combines highly alluring and mesmerizing selections coming from his extensive experiences and knowledge about sound and music. Further he is running the always inspirational and exceptional record label Morphine Records. The label focuses on contemporary experimental productions that are giving space to avant-garde electronic and outernational music. One of Rabih’s latest projects is the open room concept Morphine Raum in Berlin, a space where creatives can meet to develop projects and present their work.
The programme will be accompanied by DJ sets from unfollow resident oko oko.
In addition we are happy to announce that the event will take place in collaboration with the Sonic Agency initiative launched by Struma+Iodine. With this collaboration we want to position and situate our event through addressing the political possibilities and responsibilities that sound carries against all forms of oppression and for more equality. We invite our guests to participate in this practice of collective listening and being together in community through sound.
Slowfoam (live)
Rabih Beaini
Oko Oko
rhiz vienna
23:30 – 05:30
Kindly supported by Stadt Wien Kultur MA7