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With her long-running residence on Rinse FM and years as former booker of the local club Institut fuer Zukunft, SOLARIS has always been interested in pushing forward thinking music and under-the-radar local artists. Drawing on her own influences of fast techno, UK Bass, footwork, breaks, deconstructed club and broken rhythms, she’s also part of PH17, an imprint known for experimental club music that she co-runs with Stanley Schmidt. Recently she started her residency at the Berlin-based event series hypersoft.
same is a new listening-session project – broken beats for club arbitrations, consisting of coded samples and unstable algorithmic rhythms ılılıll same also djs under the same name.
Dr. Schock aka Laura is a Vienna based DJ. Born and raised in Germany, she discovered her love for various music genres at early ages and started playing the piano with 7 years. Today, her sets are breaking up borders of genres, mostly focused on bass, techno, trance and jungle with a pinch of ambient and hip-hop. While putting her sets in a conceptual framework, she loves moments of surprise, has a soft spot for dreamy tunes and lays a strong focus on eclectic sound.
Landa is a basque vienna-based DJ. She is part of Others to the Front, a Madrid-based queer collective with a strong political approach to the dancefloor. Landa’s music explores different sounds within techno: either breaks, acid or trance cadences, they always find good company with a danceable bass. This time she will set the dancefloor on fire with a dancy techno set with deep latin reminiscences, but without abandoning the dark vibe that characterizes her.
Oko Oko is a bilingual living being that truly believes in solidary utopias and made up realities. Fascinated by music that circulates between speculative dancefloor strategies and points of genre coalition, Oko Oko follows the imaginary borders where worlds interconnect, leaving behind predetermined zones of comfort by playing the wrong music to the right people. Or was it the right music to the wrong people? Zero One or One Zero, red or blue. Getting lost along this way is a tactical compromise between transmitter and receiver. Human after all!
Closing the night & exploring all sorts of fast-paced techno, trance & broken rhythms.