Timid Kooky [LT] & Kanalizacija [LT]

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Kanalizacija. A phenomenon in which tuba holds the bass line and sax replaces the singer, where harmonies are built by the sweet voices of four boys. Where guitar radiates psychedelic weeps and drums shift from light groove to heavy metal unnoticed. Where songs have a catchy chorus but passages tangle into free jazz madness. Wild and furious boyband version from Vilnius flush down bad emotions, leaving you blushing.
Timid Kooky:
We are a three-piece band active since 2017. That year we won two major competitions for bands in Lithuania and the Baltics (“Garažas” and “Novus”). Our music could be described as prog, punk and hard rock. People often tell us that our biggest strength is power-filled, energy driven, explosive live performances.
So far we have released three albums – “Tanzen” (2017), “Baby Be My Spiderman” (2021) and our latest one “Volcano Dragon” (2023) was self released this February. We also have loads of DIY music videos on our youtube channel.
With over 6 years of experience in gigging, including well known showcase festivals such as Liverpool Sound City, Monkey Week, MENT Ljublijana, Europavox Festival Zagreb, Eurosonic, etc., we are tighter than ever and are ready to deliver.
We embarked on an everlasting journey to find the ultimate groove long ago and we have been crafting riff after riff with a missionary zeal ever since. We share our progress with fellow researchers like yourselves and hope that our humble work can contribute to the cause.
Here are links to our music, videos and social media pages:
Live video for Eurosonic 2021 online festival:
Music video for a song “Bičai” from our newest album “Volcano Dragon”:
Music video for a song “Baby Be My Spiderman”:
Music video for a song “Pats Sau”:
Cover of Britney Spears song Toxic:
Live music video we made during “What’s Next In Music? 2019” showcase festival. It has a very nice ending:
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