VANCOMYCIN /w dilâ, masüssa, tangbosh

This upcoming Saturday, we’re absolutely thrilled to announce that we’ll be hosting our event at @rhizvienna . We cordially invite you all to join us for what promises to be an incredible night filled with excitement and memorable experiences.

sa 27042423:00 Abendkassa Club

Vancomycin is an innovative music event and collective based in Vienna, dedicated to focus on disco, dark electro, synth, and techno. With a passion for quality music experiences, Vancomycin aims to introduce a fresh sound to Vienna’s vibrant cultural landscape.
Our collective is committed to curating diverse lineups featuring emerging and established artists from around the world. We believe in the transformative power of music and strive to create unforgettable moments for our audiences. We prioritize creativity, community, and inclusivity, ensuring that each event is a celebration of diversity and artistic expression. Vancomycin’s unique approach to music curation, coupled with our dedication to delivering exceptional experiences, makes us an ideal partner for venues looking to host innovative and engaging events that resonate with audiences.

23:00 – late
10€ entry fee