This Machine! // Stefan Grimus + Kuoppamäki // canny tale

fr 29092319:30 Live
‘This Machine!’ is a experimental pop-group consisting of cousins Raili, Emilia and Kaspar Kuoppamäki. Drawing inspiration from a wide variety of genres ranging from ambient to trip hop, club music and contemporary classical, they create a unique style of ethereal textures and hard-hitting beats. Their hybrid sound of electronic and instrumental parts works as a metaphor for synthetic and organic lifeforms meeting, colliding and communicating.
Grimus+Kuoppamäki is a free improv duo of Stefan Grimus (guitar) and Kaspar Kuoppamäki (cello). Playing their instruments through their laptops, gradually creating complex textures, their slowly evolving style draws from ambient, drone and experimental music.
Stefan Grimus is a composer and performer based in Vienna, Austria. His music combines dark ambient atmospheres and distorted guitars with vocal melodies that emerge from layers of noise.
“canny tale” is a trio dedicated to reimagining the music of /eni. Through an immersive audio-visual experience, they weave the artist’s music into captivating scenarios. At the heart of this performance is Na, Ša. (Matas Sergijus Satunas), who curates a selection of tracks by /eni. and mixes them live, offering a unique glimpse into his personal interpretation of the sonic landscape. Complementing the auditory journey are the intimate visual captures by Maximiliane Leni Armann (/eni.), focusing on the responding movements of actress Anna Laimanee. These visuals are simultaneously projected onto a screen, enhancing the multidimensional storytelling of the performance.
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Supported by MA7 Kultur und BMKOES