Signal Zirkus 024 | Nebelschwade

Musik Elektroakustische Musik Elektronische Musik

di 22101921:00 Live

Nebelschwade | for the 24rd edition of SIGNAL ZIRKUS, we’re looking forward to 3 live sets with very different approaches.

––– LINE UP –––

Noise, Industrial and Experimental Electronics from Southern Germany.

ØZØN (Wien)
A Third Out Of Two.
Wave Shaping. Pattern Constructing.
Sound Moving. Shape Shifting.
Abstract. Concrete.
A Sonic Collaboration By Özgür Sevinç & Onno Ennoson

Mekoor (Wien)
Tracks dragging through woods and fields, conquering mountains and valleys, defying the elements… never to be stopped. A sound so clean, calm and soothing, but still unpredictable and surprising. Far too complex to just be named minimal techno. That‘s the sound of Mekoor from Vienna.

––– ABOUT –––
3 artists perform live sets (30-50 minutes). In the break there’s a Modular Bits synthesizer workshop conducted by RAW VOLTAGE – Modular Store Vienna

Looking forward – see you at Rhiz
Markus & Erwin
& the whole SIGNAL ZIRKUS Crew