Sea Cathedral / FRACHILD

fr 26012420:00 VVK + Abendkassa Live
A damn fine evening of melancholic indie folk is a’slowly shufflin’ its way to Vienna’s Rhiz on 26/01!
Join @frachildmusic and @seacathedral for the ideal soundtrack to your seasonal affective disorder and new yearning for the sweet kiss of the void. We promise to deliver for YOU, or your money back*. And in case that carefully constructed sales pitch wasn’t enough to convince you, here’s some sad ass press texts.
FRACHILD are fragile children. Melancholic melodies carried by three unique voices. Four headed insecurity and endless emotions bundled in poetic words of doubt and sorrow.
Sea Cathedral is an Indie-Folk project that draws inspiration from the giant walls of sound of the Post-Rock era. Those undulating dynamics infuse their melancholic folk songs into sad little journeys for anyone willing to drown in them.
I think it’s safe to say we’re gonna have a fun time. Presale is already online over at with the first 10 tickets for only 10 bucks! 🦅
See you there 🖤🌒🪨
*there will be no refunds for those that do not reach the endless void
📸 by @gabrielhyden (Sea Cathedral) and @laur.intheweb (FRACHILD)