sama recordings pres. s c h w e b e n № 8 w/ O Yuki Conjugate (UK) & Saxtape (GER/IT) LIVE plus dj support by Welia (sama recordings)

s c h w e b e n nightshift w/ Federikax3 (Rosa Cowboy Karl) & Karl Michael (Rosa Cowboy Karl)

sa 04062220:00 VVK + Abendkassa Club DJ Live Party

sama recordings pres. s c h w e b e n № 8

O Yuki Conjugate (UK) LIVE
Saxtape (GER/IT) LIVE
Welia (sama recordings)

s c h w e b e n nightshift w/
Federikax3 (Rosa Cowboy Karl)
Karl Michael (Rosa Cowboy Karl)

hosted by:
Ambient Animal (sama recordings)

Poster Artwork & Photography:
Pia Reschberger

Presale: 11,36 EUR

Doors: 15 EUR before 1 am / 5 EUR afterwards

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kindly supported by Stadt Wien Kultur / MA7


„sama recordings pres. s c h w e b e n“ evenings rub against the often closely meshed interfaces between avantgarde pop, electronic music and experimental music trends of the 1970s and 1980: beguiling kraut excursions, organic club music, uplifting ambient drones & gripping rarities to dance to: profound musical realities from different angles that will inspire you.


O Yuki Conjugate (UK)
Legendary Ambient explorers O Yuki Conjugate (OYC) are an experimental, ambient, synth project currently consisting of Roger Horberry and Andrew Hulme. It was formed in Nottingham, UK back in 1982. Coming from the post-punk background, the project fuses imaginary fourth-world landscapes with the sharper synth sounds of UK industrial/post-punk. The early output of OYC was mostly raw synth jams reminiscent of the more electrified end of Factory Records or the funkier moments of Clock DVA. However, the band gradually drifted towards more abstract sonic realms. This turn first became explicitly manifest on their debut album „Scene In Mirage“, which was reissued in 2018 on Emotional Response. While side A of the record represents the band’s early attempts at post-punk/industrial fusion, the other half establishes their sound of cloudy tropical ambient, constantly balancing between blissful lushness and deep melancholia. This direction was further pursued in subsequent albums, where we also hear a vast spectrum of sounds ranging from hypnotic tribal drumming to crystal layers of organic ambiance or echoing vocals wandering through overwhelming harmonic pulsations. This makes every album a unique experience, an exploration of new landscapes and inner worlds.

Saxtape (GER/IT)
Saxtape is the project of luisali and Simone. They combine the analog feeling of sampling sounds onto multitrack tape recording, enriched with saxophone and live electronics. A psychedelic sonic experience.

Alexandra aka Welia is part of viennese label sama recordings and has her own bi-monthly show on Malmö based Retreat Radio. Her dj performances show an innate sensitivity towards selecting and combining various directions in and beyond electronic music.

Rosa Cowboy Karl
Rosa Cowboy Karl is a Vienna based queer Techno Dj Collective. Founders Federikax3 and Karl Michael will take over the s c h w e b e n nighshift with an ecstatic mix of rave tunes and underground dance music.