Queer Cabaret X Secret Garden

mo 11111920:00 Live Performance
1 night = 2 performances


(30-40 min)

A Queer Performance Cabaret, composed of four sequined and glittery hot-hot-hot “numéros”:
N°1: The “Hit me baby one more time” performance is an exploration about how the media and other cultural industries play a key role in the construction of gender.
N°2: The “Holy Sex” show examines symbols and images of feminine, masculine, sexuality and homoeroticism in religious traditions.
N°3: “The Bad Taste” performance investigates the ideological, political and historical parameters of “taste”, explores what is meant by designations such as canonical “high culture” and popular “low culture”, and who is empowered to make these distinctions.
N° 4: “The Queer Magic” ritual focuses on the relationship between sexuality and ceremonies, shamanic rites, and spiritual beliefs.

Concept: Anna Ádám
Performance, Choreography, Live Art, Visual, Sound, Lights: Students from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Production: Gray Box

(The QUEER CABARET is the final project of the “QUEER CABARET” seminar, held by Anna Ádám at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. More about the seminar: www.queercabaret.weebly.com)


(30 min)

What is a sin today and what isn’t? Has the notion of sin disappeared? Is the concept of sin still relevant? How does the Biblical heritage of sin affect our society and conscience today? What are the psychological consequences of a sin? Where does the feeling of shame come from?
Under the pressure of social norms, conventions, and expectations, a young woman faces up to what she has and/or hasn’t done, struggles with her conscience, suffers from the consequences of her acts or omissions, gives the account, confesses and expiates… Through the exploration of activeness and passiveness, life and death, nature and spirituality, punishment, conscience, and guilt, in a final transcendence and immanence of the sacred, she engages with an artificial environment around her.

Concept, direction, setting: Anna Ádám
Choreography: Anna Ádám, Rebeka Petra Kiss
Dance: Rebeka Petra Kiss
Music: Boldizsár Komjáthy
Production: Gray Box


Anna Ádám (b. 1983) is a Hungarian performance maker and visual artist whose work blurs the boundaries between choreography, image, and object with emphasis on the body as the central form of expression. With highly charged imagery, combining choreography, fashion, new media, photography, and installation art, she conceptualizes and uses the exhibition space as a theatre, and the theater as an exhibition space. Her multidisciplinary and often site-specific projects focus on ecology, socio-cultural changes and sub-cultures, challenge hegemonic class, gender, normative behaviors, and dominant ideologies.
Anna Ádám also worked as a commissioned performance artist (Palais de Tokyo, Musée Georges Pompidou…), since 2015 she presents regularly her projects in both theaters and exhibition spaces (E-Werk Kulturzentrum (DE), Theater MU (HU), National Theater (HU), Piccolo Teatro (DE), Ludwig Museum (HU), Museum of Modern Art Yerevan (AM), National Museum of History Paris (FR)…), and holds workshops and seminars in universities across Europe (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT), Hungarian University of Fine Arts (HU), Novi Sad University (SRB), Moholy-Nagy University of Design (HU), Academy of Dance and Choreography (AM)….).

Founded in 2014, the Paris-based company Gray Box aims to experiment with the interactions and common territories of contemporary dance, visual arts, and fashion: “Black Box”, “White Cube”, and “Catwalk”. ​Based on interdisciplinary, research based-collaborations, and collective creative process, Gray Box creates and curates site-specific projects questioning sexuality, gender, identity from a feminist and queer perspective. Choreographies, public performances, exhibition works, fashion collections, together with workshops challenge hegemonic class, gender, normative behaviors, and dominant ideologies.


N° Licence: 2-1120823, 3-1120824
APE: 9001Z