PUF meets Radio Student : Club Marathon

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Radio Student Ljubljana, Slovenia (https://radiostudent.si/), is one of the oldest independent radios in the world. In addition to political and cultural topics a large part of the radio is its music program, that includes a variety of genres ranging from jazz, improvised music, world music, rock, punk, pop, electronic etc. Radio Student is usually focused on non-commercial artists.

The Club Marathon involves 6 artists, which are chosen each year. This years 19th marathon the bands have taken a tour around Slovenian clubs, recorded 2 songs for Radio Students compilation and will come to rhiz Vienna.

Friday the 27th of December:

Bring on The Vanguards – reborn rock’n’roll swagger
The five-year-old Bring on the Vanguards trio, which five years ago, with its melodious, dirty riffs, was effectively shaking Slovenian scaffolding and then sinking, is now returning to a new, refined and more focused image. The three-year hiatus drove the band from the sounds of the stoner desert into the direction of a more thoughtful and sophisticated, yet self-conscious exploration of the American garage.

Lovekovski – The confessional poetics of (dis) harmony of the modern moment
Lovekovski is a project of a young girl from Ljubljana, which translates real-life, her different faces and, above all, emotions into textually mature and compositionally interesting songs. The vocals and guitars pour over the edges of the rhythm machine, while the relaxed, laid-back songwriting nature of Lovekovski project promises something wider, something more modern, something bigger than just lo-fi.

Saturday the 28th of December:

GLOG – posthardcore poetic persecution
After years of hiding in the basement, Matija Sirok and Gregor Vuga, or the GLOG duo, have finally decided to take the first step into the world. With their guitar, various effects and vocals, they mirror the genres of postrock, posthardcore, experiment and spoken word in their music with strong band influences such as Slint and Ulver. But they also stand for strong lyrics that will not leave listeners to sleep.

Parliament Attack – Punkrock humorous peoples heroes
Parliament Attack is a story of four skillful musicians from the capital of the Slovene Dolenjska region who, over the course of nine years of operation, have been lured to many with their sense of humor, a bag of ideas and a bag of puzzles. The punk rock format is also accompanied by poetic ballads or jumps into the psychedelic waters, which have enriched their previous two albums, and certainly revitalize their concerts.