Myles Bullen + Chris Conde + SQUALLOSCOPE

so 16062420:00 VVK + Abendkassa Live

Doors: 19:00
Music: 20:00

VVK €15
AK min. €15 (if you can pay more, we encourage you to support the touring artists this way)

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Chris Conde

Queer Brooklyn rapper Chris Conde (he/they) is “the most raw, brutal and incredible talent that US rap has produced in the last ten years“ (Sun Burns Out, France). Matching technical lyricism with subversive, punk rock bravado Conde’s live show tells the story of the rapper’s voyage out of drug addiction and internalized homophobia. It’s a blood-letting ritual punctuated by the Brooklynite’s sex-positive prowess that continues to challenge and inspire his audiences, while dramatically shifting the landscape of indie hip-hop.


is Anna Kohlweis, who exists as an interdisciplinary visual artist, illustrator, writer, music producer, composer, singer, and songwriter. She has performed and exhibited in Europe and the United states and is based mostly in Vienna and on the internet. Between 2006 and 2011 she was known as Paper Bird, a name under which she released three full-length albums, before re-emerging as Squalloscope in 2012. Anna Kohlweis works as a solitary force on songwriting, production, recording, artwork, music videos, lyric books and stage outfits. This is an intimate endeavour, music that wants to be sung right into your face, bubbling over with vivid imagery and poetry. After a handful of albums and EPs, Squalloscope released the album „Cusp“ with her band Twin Tooth and self-released her latest solo album “Weightbearer” in 2022. She is currently working, as usual, on a long list of musical and visual projects, weaving and stitching life into song, until it all bursts at the seams.


is a queer punk-rap-singer from Portland, Maine. Myles has toured nearly every state in the US as well as many European countries performing packed shows at music venues, colleges, recovery centers, prisons, festivals, and libraries.
Myles sings songs about grief, mental health, navigating identity, relationships, and cartoon lore. Myles has worked with Billy Woods on their song *Ordinary Magic *, has toured with Sage Francis, Codefendants, Apes of the State, Ceschi, Jeffrey Lewis..and even shared the stage with Kimya Dawson.
They just released their new album „timetokill“. It’s born of a place where whimsy & rage, forest & streets, serene sounds & noise all meet. 2024 is going to be the biggest year in Myles’ music journey thus far, and you shouldn’t miss to be part of it.