Massimo Toniutti (I) / Farbfelde (UK) live Wien Early Show

do 22072120:00 VVK + Abendkassa Live
Massimo Toniutti (1966) is an experimental
musician whose main musical sources are
concrete sounds. He started collecting recordings
during the 80s, eventually producing pieces which
focused progressively on space and silence.
One of his compositional principles is connected to
the perception of depth in space, a principle very
well represented by “il Museo Selvatico” LP (1991)
reissued in 2018 by black truffle.
During the 1990s he dealt with radio and in the
2000s he also collaborated with visual artists and
film makers.
Some of his music has been released and
reissued on labels such as ferns and klanggalerie.
More recently he started performing live (the latest
venues being cafe oto and ina-grm).
Lately he’s been investigating the nature of
vibrating strings, sometimes associated with a
constellation of punctual sounds, others through
an immersive structure of lines…
A digital album has been released early this year
by the net label nostalgie de la boue and a brand
new piece, on a split record with his brother
Giancarlo, is due by September 2021 on ferns
Farbfelde is a solo project of British born, Vienna based electronic musician Mahk Rumbae, otherwise occupied as techno project Codex Empire, one half of industrial / experimental project Konstruktivists, and synthpop duos mitra mitra and Oppenheimer MkII.
Taking inspiration primarily from the German electronic pioneers of the 1970’s, Farbfelde utilises both analogue and digital electronics to create a sound which wouldn’t be out of place on the Ohr, Brain or Sky labels.
Although primarily a studio project, farbfelde have performed live just twice in 2014 and 2016.
Farbfelde 20.30
Massimo Toniutti 21.30
vk 12.
ak 15.-