LIVE: Bari Comics (GER)

support: Tiger Family

mi 10082220:00 Abendkassa Live
Doors: 20.00 Uhr
Tiger Family (live): 21.00 Uhr
Bari Comics (live): 22.00 Uhr
Admission: 10 EUR
All proceeds go to UN Refugee Aid
Bari Comics
Bari Comics is a musician based in Vienna. After years of illustrating and making music, an artwork increasingly emerged in many ways. Inspired by using some Italian samples in the tracks, the illustrations and stories grow about the fictive place of Bari and its citizens. Connected to the first album Bari Chapter 1 is also the story of Bari, whereby visible impressions are provided by the music videos. A movie presents the story live, in which Andreas Wallner – the founder of Bari Comics – performs with a violin, trumpet, accordion and piano. As an avatar, he presents the fictive main characters of the story.
Tiger Family
Tiger Family – bringing their self described „Boring Rock“. The 5 piece band from Graz playing their greatest hits and songs from their recent album „Good Year“ – released on pumpkin records in Summer 2021.