LIL DATA // Morast // Nova Lux // Polymorphic Engine

Lifespeed and Dream Emulator are presenting an evening of live coded music featuring PC Music's Lil Data as our special guest!

mo 22042420:00 Abendkassa Live
* Lil Data (US / PC Music)
* Morast @mmmorast
* Nova Lux @sternmull1
* Polymorphic Engine @polymorphic.engine
Our resident Lifespeed DJs will be providing some additional support.
Stay tuned for detailed introductions to each of these amazing acts!
Lil Data is a live coder known for releasing on the PC Music label and for production credits with Charli XCX, Jonsi, Harlecore and more.
Morast is the electronics solo-project of viennese artist and musician Moritz Morast, that explores the melting continuum of noise, deconstructed rhythmns and free-improvisation. Coming from a background as a designer of musical electronics and his activities in the viennese free-improv-scene as amember of the free-jazz-noise-band FS Massaker,Morast combines approaches from sequenced electronics with the immediacy and unpredictability of hardcore improvisation. With the music created in real-time, his live-performances are a intense and cathartic spectacle, resulting in a multifaceted swirl of tribal noise, introversive ambiences anddanceable industrial, based on giddy feedback loops, cut up by shattered percussion and heavy metal distortion.
Nova Lux takes probes from the moss and fern that grew over the deconstructed club’s aesthetic leftovers, and creates new habitats for sonic seedlings to grow and reclaim their identity. Renaturalizing mechanical sounds, finding patterns and harmony in randomness with a playful sense of auditive pareidolia, utilizing reactive effect chains to gamify the buildup of semi-stable rhythmic structures, and gently reconstructing the club for a solarpunk utopia.
Martin Gius (aka. polymorphic engine) is a live-coder based in Vienna. In his performances he likes to explore different approaches to live-coding – mixing prepared code and ideas with spontaneous, improvised interactions.
Rhiz @rhizvienna
tickets at doors / abendkassa!
flyer by @selib0451