Lifespeed x Global Fyre 2099 pres. Himera

fr 24112323:30 Club DJ Party
Lifespeed and Global Fyre are joining forces!!! We’re back on 24.11.23 to present our next party featuring:
@h.imer.a (NL)
@adorablesteak96 (FR)
@3st1.d b2b @peter.puenktlich
and our resident DJs from Lifespeed and Global Fyre
We’re incredibly excited to announce that Himera will perform their Vienna debut with an exciting set comprising lush synth-heavy ballads and disorienting pop tunes. Their set will capture the base elements of trance and pop music, molding a powerful performance to create an intense rollercoaster ride of excitement and nostalgia.
Our second international act is the French Soundcloud-icon adorablesteak96, who will bless us with an eclectic set of remixes and original material.
But that’s not all: as local support we are excited to invite hypertrash stars Esti.d and Peter Pünktlich and of course our Global Fyre & Lifespeed resident DJs.
So come join us for a night that is sure to leave you craving more ecstasy, endless euphoria and anticipation.
Rhiz @rhizvienna
Lots of love,
Lifespeed & Global Fyre