ABGESAGT: Kunst oder Unfall Salon – Zwischenstation Zukunft #9

w/ Judith Nika Pfeifer, Ulrich Troyer, Sophie Reyer, The vienna poetry school animal orchestra, Kunst oder Unfall ≠ Augusta und Kalle Aldis Laar

sa 09072219:30 Spende
Judith Nika Pfeifer (reading, performance)
Ulrich Troyer (live-dub-electronics)
Sophie Reyer (video)
The vienna poetry school animal orchestra (Gerlinde Hacker, Alexander Iwanov, Martin Wolf – klasse Sound Poetry / Schule für Dichtung, Wien)
Kunst oder Unfall ≠ Augusta und Kalle Aldis Laar (sound & poetry)

An event organized by Kunst oder Unfall, Grazer Autorinnen Autoren Versammlung (GAV) & rhiz Vienna.
For a number of years Kunst oder Unfall have been holding the Salon Zwischenstation Zukunft at irregular intervals and at various locations, as a communication platform by and for artists and representatives of various other areas (science, criticism, etc.). Without having to take genres or sectors and usual forms of events into account, they have invited artists and other experts for presentation and exchange.

Judith Nika Pfeifer

Author, communication and linguist, performance and language artist, writes lyrics and poetry, scenic texts and prose, realizes transmedia art projects.


Ulrich Troyer

Ulrich Troyer’s artistic principle is determined by a crossover and the interaction of architecture, music and visual arts. The acoustic space and the reverberation of sound events form a central theme in Troyer’s work. Troyer’s devotion to dub production methods provides the perfect playground for his sonic experiments. His preoccupation with sound system music (bass, dub, techno and their abstractions) led to the SONGS FOR WILLIAM trilogy. The project brings together music, animated ink drawings for live performance, and a graphic novel that tells the story of a guitar effects device called WILLIAM.

Current releases: MIXTAPE FOR L, Tape, Limbotapaes, Bristol (UK) – NOK 2020, LP w/CD – DOLOMITE DUB, LP w/CD, 4Bit Productions, Vienna (A)


Sophie Reyer

Sophie Reyer, born in Vienna in 1984, lives in Vienna. Publications: “go dense” (lyric, EYE-Verlag 2005), “dried birds” (novel, Leykam 2008), “baby blue eyes” (roman, Ritter 2008), “binnen” (lyric, Leykam 2010), “flug (spuren)“ (Leykam 2012), „die gezirpte zeit“ (poetry, Berger-Verlag 2013) and „Marias. Ein Nekrolog“ (Prose, Ritter 2013). “Master of Arts” in composition/ music theater 2010 as well as a diploma in “Scenic Writing” at uniT 2010 and Doctor of Philosophy for Language Arts. Literature Promotion Prize of the City of Graz and Manuscripts Promotion Prize. 2010: Theater texts “vogelglück”, “baumleberliebe”, “hundpfarrer” and “Anna und der Wulian” (S. Fischer-Verlag). Studied “Screenwriting and Film Directing” at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne since 2011. Shortlisted for the Austrian Book Prize 2019. Most recently published: “Clara and Her Murders” (Emons – Verlag). Sophie Reyer is a lecturer at the Lower Austria University of Education.


The vienna poetry school animal orchestra

Animalistic stuff in word, music & sound – as a poem, sound poetry, noise art or electronics.

The sound poetry class for the spring academy 2022 „animals“ at Schule für Dichtung / Vienna with Gerlinde Hacker, Alexander Iwanov & Martin Wolf


Gerlinde Hacker
Until 2014 management of a project office for innovative social policy in Graz: project development, public relations, EU projects, coaching, mentoring.
Writes poetry or lyrical texts. Latest publications include herzgeröll. Lyrical texts. Graz: KD Verlag 2014; blind spot. text and image. Edited by Günther Metzger, 2017; Self-published publications at ChickLit.

Alexander Ivanov
studied physical theatre, curating in the scenic arts and attended courses in electroacoustic and experimental music at the mdw in Vienna. As a freelance artist and curator, he develops projects in the fields of performing and visual arts.
He builds and stages poems with words, sounds, things and bodies.

Martin Wolf
Studies at the University of Applied Sciences for Journalism & Media Management at WKW Vienna, Event Technology and Organization (VOT) course, studies Political Science & Scandinavian Studies at the University of Vienna

Kunst oder Unfall

aka Augusta & Kalle Aldis Laar. Electro-Acoustic Poetry Duo, Munich and Vienna


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