Kulku + Misonica + Andrea Ida

Legendary No-Age Krautrock band Kulku come to Vienna on their ' Reset To Be' Tour for a special night of performances alongside Misonica.

mo 23102319:30 Live
Formed in Berlin at the turn of the millennium, Kulku has evolved as a free-formed collective of musicians that make trance-inducing, jazz-entwined, percussive, repetitive and soulful, acoustic post-punk and freak-folk music, using little-to-no electricity and amplification.
„Percussion heavy, ritual music that takes cues from ancestral trance through to the bands of late 70s/early 80s NYC downtown such as Liquid Liquid and the motorik kosmiche of Klaus Dinger/NEU! Stunning, highly original music!“
– Sounds Of The Universe
The focus of Misonica´s live sets is the voice as an instrument. Voices of human and more than human agents collide in floating superimpositions. Her sounds explore the paths of togetherness and of the in-between, they are deeply atmospheric and relate to a larger narrative. The performances guide us into imaginary realms, opening auratic spaces in which we can walk in.
Tickets: €10 pay at the door