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Without a doubt, Jack Botts is one of Australia’s most up and coming young artists. The fact that he has reached 250,000 monthly Spotify listeners with over 20 million streams in a very short time underlines this fact. In the summer of 2021, the then twenty-three-year-old released his third EP entitled “Slow Mornings”. With just six songs, the former street musician Jack shows how varied his musical and lyrical possibilities are. The dominant theme is love – in this special case love in a long-distance relationship – especially under the difficult conditions of a global pandemic: “This EP is a collection of tracks that represent a pretty crazy point in my life and career. All the ups and downs of balancing a long-distance relationship with work. It talks about all the moments when you want to throw the towel in and give up, to the realization that giving up just isn’t an option, despite the heartache”.
In the summer of 2022, Jack Botts will come to Europe for the very first time. And we’re looking forward to it!

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