w/ 4Play, Seba Kayan, Kyak, Schande (Angst)

sa 12032222:00 frei DJ Party
It’s time again to unite in the sphere of the club. To unwind, to let loose, to dance, to meet, to talk, to listen.
//Seba Kayan
JA MANN is a series of events that aims to focus on PoC and queer feminist artists and thematizes migration and clubculture in Vienna. We love to combine middle eastern sounds with Techno, Acid and traditional Anatolian sounds. The minimalist aspect of techno is enriched with the emotional and lively power of the so-called “Orient”. Not only are oriental sounds inserted into electronic beats, but both cultures are seamlessly interwoven.
kindly supported by Stadt Wien Kultur / MA7
Entry: Free Donation
For your own safety and the safety of others, please make sure to respect all Covid19 regulations during your time at rhiz! Thank you & enjoy your time!