Gürtel Nightwalk XXIV @ rhiz Vienna

LIVE: RED STAR OS & No Dogs There! (Hautzinger, Quehenberger, Strohmann, DD Kern)

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Gürtel Nightwalk XXIV – 27.08.2022
Programme – rhiz Vienna
19.30 Uhr: RED STAR OS
“When listening to Julian Derkits’ modular productions we are still reluctant to use the notion “sound art”. The reason is that we perceive the idea of sound art as a sort of disclaimer, trying to say that sound is art. To our concern: sound is sound and sound is knowledge.” – ofhundred
„RED STAR OS” is an alias of Vienna based Peel aka Julian Derkits (Positive Live Force, Bare Hands Records, Horsepower).
21.00 Uhr: No Dogs There!
– Franz Hautzinger, el. trumpet
– Philipp Quehenberger, keyboards
– Michael Strohmann, el. bass
– DIDI Kern, drums
The new, radical-sounding quartet by Franz Hautzinger. Philipp Quehenberger – as an organ punk, DDKern as one of the hardest-working local berserkers on the drums and Michael Strohmann maltreats the guitar strings or does electronics. A project that powerfully bundles the multi-layered activities of these – and in this case one can say that without further ado – protagonists of the Austrian music scene between free/improv jazz, hardcore and other oddities. Similar to his rain orchestra, Hautzinger has made it his task to work across borders and to exploit the potential that the three comrades-in-arms bring to the table.
22.00 Uhr – 6.00 Uhr (indoors): Dj line up hosted by Off The Grid
Dj defizit
Dj Odd
Ramires R.
Off the Grid goes back to where it all started: rhiz Vienna, the place where the slightly legendary first OTG event went down. Join us for one night full of sweaty club tracks of all shades to cure your ending-of-summer blues.
free admission

Club Event “Off the Grid” supported by Stadt Wien / MA7 und BMKOES