generation noir pres. Fatamorgana (ESP) live

Support: The Damski ◆ Terz Nervosa

mi 13072219:30 VVK + Abendkassa Live
a hot summernight with dark synths & gloomy glamour:
FATAMORGANA (Barcelona/Spain, La Vida Es Sun Mus)
Fatamorgana is a synth-pop duo who specialise in a variant of electronic post-punk that is both dreamy and danceable. Formed in Barcelona in the summer of 2017, the project sprang to life from the hearts and minds of Patrycja Proniewska and Louis Harding. What began as a bedroom project of sorts (monophonic synthesizers, 4-track cassette recordings) Fatamorgana soon blossomed into a functional live unit.
Early 2019 saw the release of their debut full-length ‚Terra Alta’, an 11 song LP full of sharp, hook-filled numbers, off the back of which the group toured extensively over Europe and North America.
With 2022’s ‚Ahora Aquí, Todavía No’, Fatamorgana continue to hone their craft, dishing out beats, hooks and atmospherics in generous servings, and whilst it retains much of the stark minimalism of their first LP, this time, it somehow feels deeper, more lush and considered. Clearly influenced by music from the 1980s – synth-pop, new wave, post punk – Fatamorgana manage to create a sound that avoids standard retro manouevering, landing instead on something distinctly their own – an album made from cold sounds, that in their union become warm. A record that could just as easily soundtrack an afternoon’s solitary contemplation as a night on the dancefloor.
+ awesome vienna support from:
THE DAMSKI (Transformer/WIlhelm Show Me The Major Label)
The Damski is the solo-project of Crystal Soda Cream drummer Theresa Adamski. Inspired by minimal synth and cold wave bands of the 80s, The Damski creates her own dystopian synth-phantasy. The musician is based in Vienna, Austria, where she is part of a small but creative and loyal scene. After being asked about creating her own music one too many times, in 2018 The Damski was born. She released her first piece of recorded music in 2019, a split cassette tape with Terz Nervorsa (Transformer Music & Wilhelm show me the Major Label). An album is in progress.
TERZ NERVOSA (Tender Matter Rec.)
Within a fast blink into different states of un-consciousness, Terz Nervosa takes us for a walk through the dark corridors of the mind in an alluring game. Are we being guided or misled? The dark wave artist creates puzzling escapes through enigmatic synths and flirts with the industrial and goth of the 1980s reminding us of the power of being lost in the depths of digital glitches.
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