w/ LIVE: Sofheso (JP), Vida Voyage (SWE), Specimens (UK), JC Leisure (UK), Skip Summers (GER) & support: Man Machine (CRO) live & Fatalismus Spunk (AT) dj set

di 20092220:30 Abendkassa Club DJ Live
w/ LIVE: Sofheso (JP), Vida Voyage (SWE), Specimens (UK), JC Leisure (UK), Skip Summers (GER), Man Machine (CRO) & Fatalismus Spunk 6|9 (AT) dj set
First Terrace Records is an independent record label from London / UK. Since 2017 they have hit the road annually, every summer touring across Europe with a crew of artists and friends.
We are happy that on this tour SOFHESO, VIDA VOYAGE, SPECIMENS, SKIP SUMMERS and JC LEISURE make a stop in Vienna to perform at our place. Apparently, nobody knows what’s gonna happen on stage, since every night on the FIRST TERRACE TOUR is different and line-ups are tailored for each venue.
Fatalismus Spunk (Power + Jeschka Oszilat) contribute to the line up with a live show by croatian synth pop act „ManMachine“ and one of their legendary dj sets.
Sofheso (Tokyo)
A regular in the iconic underground Tokyo space Forest Limit and fresh from releasing his debut album on First Terrace.
„Complex yet intuitive, architectural yet funky, minimal yet full of wonder… ARCHIVE finds forms of beauty where others might see only ugliness“ – THE WIRE
„Sofheso has the makings of Japan’s own Aphex Twin“ – THE QUIETUS
Vida Voyage (Gothenburg)
Channeller / polymath. Able to perform dream-like cowboy-esque live guitar & vocal music. Or do a performance-artsy 30min drum solo (in case a full drum kit can be provided) while reciting ancient texts and singing elvis + nordic folk. Or read some wannabe poetry/emails. She does not have any merch atm but could offer small tarot readings instead.
Specimens (London)
Specimens is the London based artist & producer Alex Ives. His work explores the avenues of self awareness & racial identity through the medium of cassette loops, ambient drones, distorted piano samples, saxophone and experimental frequencies. He has toured across Europe, Japan & America, performing alongside artists such as Machinefabriek, Midori Hirano, Chihei Hatakeyama, John Bence & more. Alex has released 3 full length LPs – the latest of which features collaborations with Benoit Pioulard, Midori Hirano, Peter Broderick & Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch. His previous release ‘In The Dust Of Idols’ was featured as one of FACT Magazines “Ambient Albums Of The Year”. His work has been released by labels including SVS, Drone Records, A Giant Fern, Display & his own First Terrace Records.
JC Leisure (Liverpool)
JC Leisure is currently working on a record with improv musicians and 15 atlantic grey seals. His last album Mutations For was released on Warm Winters Ltd.
Skip Summers (Berlin)
Joseph „Skip“ Summers is a sound artist who uses his own homemade acoustic & electronic instruments within his fluxus style performances. He co-founded First Terrace Records in 2016 with Alex Ives (Specimens).

ManMachine (Zagreb)
ManMachine are Goran Uroić and Roland XP50. The former wears glasses and yells into a microphone, the latter is half synthesizer, half sequencer – the now legendary son of Roland, born in 1995.
Their music is dark and exciting, an echo of the 1980s, where synths and effects are in charge. They have released three full-length Albums and three EPs – the latest, the excellent „What if Nothing’s There?“, was published in late November 2018.

Fatalismus Spunk 6|9 (Vienna)

Fatalismus Spunk 6|9 are Viennese DJs, organisers, and female producers Power + Jeschka Oszilat.

While playing their legendary DJ-Sets they fuck & embrace genres. FS 6|9 produce electronic experimental sounds and cutUpLoops. Within regular events Fatalismus Spunk 6|9 support favoured subcultural artists and musicians involving concerts and/or performances.

„Being humanists we believe that dancing and music can heal the inner asshole.“