ausgefinkelt presents b2b2b2b

We invite you to celebrate our new club format "b2b2b2b" with us. The idea of this concept is to bring different artists and collectives / labels together to craft unique sets you've never heard from your favourite artists.

sa 17022423:30 Club

00:00 – 02:00 Evren da Conceição B2B SNDR_Xone
02:00 – 04:00 Tanja Turner B2B DJ Bhutlah
04:00 – 06:00 FONK B2B Ambient Animal

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Evren da Conceição

Evren da Conceição is a DJ, producer, sound and performance artist who works in club, public space, theater, film and gallery contexts. She is best known for her highly energetic, driving and intense DJ sets and live electronic music performances, which are influenced by a wide range of style. Such as underground techno, industrial, breakbeat, acid, electro, electro-acoustic and experimental electronic music.In her performances she concentrates on reaching a pure form of ecstatic energy, where time, space, sound and body transform into another level of consciousness, making her performances a unique experience. She cites the social sculpture of a nightclub as her main source of inspiration: »I experience parties as large-scale participatory performances that provide an experimental, open and lucid platform to try out new ideas and create a deeper connection.«As a result of her outstanding selection and unique sound, she regularly spins records and plays live-sets at the leading underground venues and clubs in Vienna, Berlin and Istanbul. As well as performing at international Festivals such as Arte Concert/ United We Stream, Hyperreality and Wiener Festwochen. Besides DJing and live performances, she records mixes for radio (FM4, Art Style Techno, Fnoo,, Frission etc…), produces her own tracks and remixes.

Her debut album ELECTRIFY was released on the 31th of March 2023 on the Vienna based label Analogique.


About SNDR_Xone:

Hailing from the vibrant techno scenes of Berlin and Vienna, SNDR_Xone has been a driving force in the electronic music world since the early 2000s. With a relentless passion for techno and a commitment to shaping the future of the genre, SNDR_Xone has left an indelible mark as a DJ, producer, and promoter.

VIER::TEL – Shaping the Future of Techno:

Endorsed by SNDR_Xone, „VIER::TEL“ (four quarters) stands at the forefront of the most anticipated techno events of this era ::

VIER::TEL is not just a party :: it’s a movement :: its awareness itself :: its RESPECT

This contemporary electronic music event welcomes people of all ages, genders, backgrounds, and ethnicities, creating an inclusive environment for all to unite on the dancefloor to the hypnotic rhythm of the four-four beat. The mission is clear: to revolutionize the club landscape by making it accessible to all, including parents, individuals with special mobility needs, and even senior citizens. Therefore, people are the headliners, not the DJ-Lineup.

IGNITED Dancefloors & hottechno Dynamo

:: Tresor :: Sisyphos :: ://about blank :: Feel Festival

:: Flucc :: Flex :: Donau :: Celeste :: USUS am Wasser ::

PALETTE is diverse, effortlessly transitioning :: INDUSTRIAL-RAW // bouncy-melodic PRESSURE // Nu-Disco // minimal Pitch-Down-Techno


4-deck control on vinyl & CDJ, Native Instrument tools, Cutting, Mastering, Producing

MONTHLY radio show, „Bass_ic Instinct,“ on RES-Radio-Vienna. This platform showcases her exceptional mixing skills, navigating through genres such as nu-disco, downbeats, minimal, techno, and her own creations, revealing the depth of her musical knowledge and creative prowess.

Ambient Animal


Music conaisseur, dj, producer, event host and Sama Recordings label head Benedikt Guschlbauer aka Ambient Animal lives and works in Vienna.

Since May 2018 he hosts and curates his own Radio Ragweed show on London and Berlin based community station Threads*.


“Musical styles or genres don’t matter to me. Through listening or dancing to music, sudden emotions like excitation or comfort can arise that are capable of shifting your current mood to another horizon. Eg. a beautiful Ambient track with dense athmospherical layers can function as a holistic treatment for your body and soul. My focus of interest is in the depths of musical perception. Interesting music breathes vitaly and is not limited to its pure functionality. Music makes us feel in a very direct way and human beings tend to be guided (and sometimes also manipulated) by bits and pieces of musical expression which are constantly invading their hearts and minds. I will continue using all sorts of instruments/noise makers to generate and record sound fractals, re-construct fieldrecordings and play with my synthesizers/drum machines for the rest of my life in search of sonorical wonderland.”

grounded and spiralled out of control.
the journey continues.

Text: Benedikt Guschlbauer, May 2005/May 2019

About Sama Recordings
Founded 2014 in Vienna by Benedikt Guschlbauer – is an independent record label for advanced audio aspects free of aesthetic or genre-based borders and stands for forward thinking music, which enriches body, soul and mind. We would like to showcase diversive creative approaches by international artists active in the vast fields of contemporary electronic music. A certain elevating spirit has to radiate from these waves and frequencies we want to present you.

The arabic term “Samâ” means in the language of mysticism: whirling or listening. During a samâ ceremony, subtle vibrations are created by playing frame drums (daffs) that grasp the heart and also induce mystical trance. Thus Samâ, the art of listening among the Sufis, refers to the perception of inner vibrations. For me personally the word “sama” functions as a methaphore for conscious listening and dancing.

grounded and spiralled out of control. the journey continues.

Text: Benedikt Guschlbauer (October 2020)