from Berlin & Squishy Sounds Dresden

today 20:00 Abendkassa Live

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– Berlin –
Asthma Choir is the brainchild of Torsten Lang and Raphael Espinoza. Having crafted their own musical language, they create a rich, screaming wall of waveforms and light, with songs set in another space and time. Causing waterfalls to flow upward, children to hide from the dark, and grandparents to say their prayers, the trio with drummer Richard Lucius evokes a romanticized but uneasy dystopia, confronting the audience with a sensorial force to be reckoned with.


– Squishy Sounds – Dresden –
„raunen“ is the name of all of Nils Weishaupts endeavors as a solo musician without borders of genre and style but this time in a singer/songerwriter setup to give birth to new songs and little treasures from his past as a theatre musician. On his summer tour with Asthma Choir he will perform songs somewhere between soul and avantgarde pop. His unique voice and instrumental approach oscillates between humour and sadness, between painfull honesty and cheesy romance. „raunen“ is a german term used to describe distant chatter, acoustic clouds of sounds that clearly derive from human voices and speech but without understandable meaning or content. The EP #1 by RAUNEN will be released on Bandcamp on February 2nd