Archaic Future Sounds pres. STUPR – Siamo Tutti (Tape Releaseparty)

w/ Johnny ¥enseits, LGHTWGHT & Paul Raal

sa 17092223:00 DJ Party
Come for STUPR – Siamo Tutti released in digital and cassette format on ARCHAIC FUTURE SOUNDS:
DJ, selector and vinyl digger Johnny ¥enseits started his career with organizing and playing at raves at a Viennese nightclub located in a former pedestrian underpass in mid 2000s. As a subversive supporter of the underground scene he’s curated and played at hundreds of club events. In his vinyl-only sets he loves to mix various styles like Leftfield-, Balearic-, Afro Cosmic- and Italo-Disco with New Beat, EBM, Electro, House, Techno and Trance, not only vintage but also contemporary productions from his collection of 12,000 records. Since 2009 Johnny’s hosted the Disco Frisco DJ mix podcast as well as the eponymous event series with greatest passion. In 2021 he started his label for contemporary electronic music ARCHAIC FUTURE SOUNDS.
LGHTWGHT is a former founding member of Berlin’s infamous Fleisch records label and party series. Coming from Australia’s underground scene and living in Berlin had a strong influence on his sound which reflects Post-Punk, Wave, New Beat, EBM and Electro, all blended in a dark hypnotic mix.
Paul Raal has always been a strong character in the Viennese musical underground. In his long career he’s always been playing big parts of his vinyl collection of Italo-Disco and Cosmic-Disco, Proto-House, Techno and Electro at numerous party events. As a heavy collector of synthesizers he’s part of the band ‚Leitstrahl‘ whose debut album was released on the famous Bordello A Parigi imprint.
Come for STUPR – Siamo Tutti released in digital and cassette format on ARCHAIC FUTURE SOUNDS:
STUPR is a producer and DJ inspired by a wide musical spectrum. His musical journey in production began ten years ago, with the discovery of Techno music in one hand, and Dub in another hand. During these years he never stopped experimenting between genres and sounds, refusing the constraint of a too well-defined identity. Like his DJ sets, his productions can vary between fast or slowed-down tracks, sometimes dubby, sometimes broken, sometimes melodic or even industrial. He already has several releases on labels such as Illegal Alien, Trau-ma, or 909 Connection, which he co-founded.
In 2021, all his inspirations, from Dub to Techno, passing by his more recent affinities for Downtempo and Indie Dance merged into a new project. This explosive combination gave birth to a 8 track debut album, which is an accomplishment of years of experimentation. This album was made using a vintage setup: many echoes, spring reverbs, analog mixing desk and filters. This unique sound signature, applied to disco-ish elements with live improvisation in a pure Dub tradition, results in a very raw and original product. In this album you will find some oriental inspirations on tracks such as Anagram or Her Majesty from Outer Space that he made with his friend Uma, some epic tracks like Your Mission or The Quest, or party anthems that conclude the journey: The 6th Synonyms and Underwater Slaloms. The eponym title, SIAMO TUTTI, is based on a sampled antifascist protest song. It is a reminder of the political essence of the electronic movement, that should remain undivided and uncompromised against any authoritarian threat.

Supported by Stadt Wien / Ma7 und BMKOES