sama recordings pres. s c h w e b e n

Live: LDY OSC, Temple Of Meru II dj support: Welia, Luca Carlotta, Ambient Animal

do 10092020:00 VVK + Abendkassa DJ Live

sama recordings pres. s c h w e b e n

LDY OSC live
Temple of Meru LIVE
Luca Carlotta [Ghost_Notes, RES.Radio] dj set
Ambient Animal [sama recordings] dj set
Welia [sama recordings] dj set

with kind support by Stadt Wien / MA7

„sama recordings pres. s c h w e b e n“ evenings rub against the often closely meshed interfaces between avantgarde pop, electronic music and experimental music trends of the 1970s and 1980: beguiling kraut excursions, organic club music, uplifting ambient drones & gripping rarities to dance to: profound musical realities from different angles that will inspire you.

The first edition of „s c h w e b e n“ on September 10th, 2020 will be inaugurated with a special live set by Mexico-born Vienna-based producer Alyssa Auvinen Barrera alias LDY OSC. Heavily interested in different forms of sound synthesis and DIY synth culture, she is toying with the semantics of analogue music on stage. Afterwards you have the rare chance to witness mystic austrian band Temple of Meru live on stage. Their ritual live show incorporating guitars, percussions, gongs and electronics will take you to new places of utter beauty. Before and after the live shows

Luca Carlotta (Ghost_Notes, RES.Radio) and sama recordings own Welia and Ambient Animal will share some musical gems with you.
UPDATE August 30th:
As many of you were looking forward to this evening (and hopefully still are): Celine Gillain’s very first live show in Austria will hopefully be possible in a near-by and better future. I hope we are able to experience the ambition, absolute sincerity and contemporaneity of her music at a new date next year.
// Important notes
◇ Indoor admission strictly pre-sale only
◇ 35 named presale tickets available through NTRY Ticketing between August 31th and September 8th
◇ During the entire event, outside of your own small group: respect distance or use a mouth-nose protection
◇ When purchasing your ticket you agree to provide your full name, e-mail address AND telephone number, where you can be reached for 14 days. In the case of an infection chain pointing to the event, the data will be passed on to the health authorities. Otherwise the data will be deleted after 14 days.
◇ Don’t buy tickets if you’ve had flu-like symptoms in the last 14 days. Should such symptoms appear between the time of purchase and the event, please contact us immediately at
◇ A hand desinfection dispenser will be provided
◇ Act wise at all times