InlandIsland w/ Yynona & Farr

do 12082120:00 frei DJ
Vienna based dj newcomer Yynona surprises with their non-conventional way of uniting different genres with hardcore-related underground tunes. They do this with subtle care while keeping the energy levels high. As Yynona is into a lot of different musical styles, they always incorporate different moods and paces in their dj sets. While staying up-to-date with new releases from up and coming artists, they are also a bit nostalgic towards the trends of the last decade.
Farr is an up-and-coming artist from Vienna with a broad spectrum of output. Known mainly as a producer for UK-influenced club music on labels from Vienna to Bristol, he surprised with an moody experimental ambient-infused album earlier this year, showcasing his deep interest in a variety of genres. This is also the case in his work as a dj, a true music head with a soft spot for rave-culture, loving to incorporate blends that you think wouldn’t work, from decades that normally don’t go together.
Artwork: Winona Hudec
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with kind support by Stadt Wien Kultur / MA7
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