Anne Pedersdotter [ N o i s i n g tape release ] /w Kid Solo

so 15082120:00 Abendkassa Live
L i V E
Acoustic phenomena, originating from vibrations that travel through air (or another medium). Energy transmitted by pressure waves. Varying signals, not meaningful in themselves, attaining distinction only when being detected by the ear, received and perceived by the brain. Sound? Noise? …who can tell?
Eintritt: 10€
ANNE PEDERSDOTTER » N o i s i n g « cassette
What we can tell for sure, is the difference between noise and „Noising”: you see, the latter to be a bang up to date exploit from the Vienna-underground. This debut release by Anne Pedersdotter drags us deep down a mind-bending vault of minimal electronics, magnetic rhythms and manipulation, with a distinct tendency to brittle and blur reality. Is it a ketamine-rush, an unpreventable system error, a swirling glance through the distorting mirror? Stolen voices creep in intermittently, deadpan and cinematic, punctuating „Noising”‘s steady thought provoking suspense. The raw and obfuscating tonal ambience of A.P.’s extended experiments in repetition and processed mutations combine cold-blooded elements of German synth music with the tenaciously pulsating flows of cosmic kraut and 90s hip-hop, as well as the twitchy and throbbing elements of early industrial. A contagious compulsory exercise in electronic no-frills primitivism, trippy to the bone.
Out on 15.08.2021 in a collaboration of Cut Surface X Wilhelm Show me the Major Label [CS035/wsmtml58].
A Vienna-based musical riddle, always busy with a shitload of local bands and projects (i.a. Modecenter, Muscle Barbie, Walser) and currently working on several debut albums.
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