Wegwerfpizza Tape Release

Rat Rights Tape Release - 2 Bandgigs / Afterparty: 1 Liveact & 2 DJs

fr 05042420:00 Abendkassa DJ Live

Proudly presenting a live tape recording by #wegwerfpizza. Viennese artpunk somehow extra arty with a cover designed by #sarahlucas in a tiny edition of 100.
Available friday april 5th @rhizvienna or online at www.ratrights.eu.
This is a musthave for your tape collection!n @rhizvienna .
Supported by 2 live acts and 2 DJs:
The upcoming underground treasure #finishingschool is playing their first pubic live concert, for everybody who is already curios like us!

Accompanied by the glow in the dark duo #nachtbote +manuel labour who will dig down to deeper levels of electronic generated live music.
@ebhardy will squeeze some cute and funky DJ tunes untill everyvodys darling @tucibi_____ will knock you out with her stimulating musical talent.

This night you will have the chance to buy merch anf tapes of Wegwerfpizza, Tucibi and many other #RatRights artists.

Die drei Altpunks Kurt Rudolf, George Rei und Flo Reither haben sich für diesen Auftritt niemand geringeren als Philipp Quehenberger dazugeholt, um einmal richtig Krach zu machen. Das Tape, das sie hier präsentieren, wurde mit dem Label Rat Rights produzier und von der Britischen Star-Künstlerin Sarah Lucas gestaltet. Nuff said – dead or not – punk rules!.

Finishing School
„Es geht nicht nur um Geld, es geht um so ziemlich alles“
Florian Balcarek – Vocals
Johann Neumeister – Bass
Andreas Klotz – Drums