The Revenge of the Sirens

mi 12022019:00 Performance

Postscript on Nervous Digital Systems
Performance by Michael Taussig

A Tale of Meltdown & the Metamorphic Sublime in four acts, the stage being a shadow on the wall, the shadow of the past meeting the future as dialectical image.

Presented by World-Information Institute

Beauty is death. But the boss thinks he can cheat death so long as we ply the oars while he outwits the gods of nature. As we row into the future I see the trickery spreading out in our wake. Homer is setting the stage with Odysseus, „that man of twists and turns“ who plays the gods against one another, filtered via „Dialectic of Enlightenment“ and in this delirium there is the mastery of non-mastery, never more germane than in our Age of Meltdown re-enchanting nature.

Michael Taussig, Columbia University NY, is an Australian anthropologist and author of „The Nervous System“ and „Mimesis and Alterity: Another story of the senses“.