The Belgian Blue Live // Support: Janos and Miro

Indie-Folksters from Ireland and the U.S.

do 11052320:00 Abendkassa Live
is an Indie-folk project based in Vienna, Austria. Combining traditional American and Irish folk instrumentation with precise lyricism and warm melodies, the band creates a sound which is both contemporary and refreshingly familiar. After gaining recognition through their spirited busking performances on the streets of Vienna, the duo is quickly becoming one of the city’s most-anticipated new bands with plans to release their debut E.P. in 2023.
who have gained a cult following playing the back-ally bars and underground saloons of city, make a rare appearance in Vienna. The weathered troubadours perform songs about the downtrodden, lonely underbelly of the European metropolis, and have served as the unsung staples of the local Folk scene for decades.
Entry: 10€
Eintritt: 10€
Supported by Stadt Wien Kultur und BMKOES