Tender Matter Presents: RADVLAD, Bby Eco, Bogland, ஃຖҽ℘ꪻꪊហᓰꪖஃ

do 29062320:30 Abendkassa Live
RADVLAD is the first EP produced by artist Vladimir Vidanovski, fueled by voices of a digital child, an online persona, a wannabe sensation. It follows the many characters of RADVLAD, imaginary personas created by the North Macedonian artist, inspired by various questions raised by his moving away to a western country. Playing between originality and cliché, RADVLAD jumps into a pool of rhythmic exploration stemming from contemporary club and pop music, exploring topics such as love, belonging, sexuality, compulsions, and identity.
As Bby Eco drifts into electronic sounds, he uncovers a balance between love and wonder. Ever since releasing his debut album ‘Grow!’ in 2021, Bby Eco has paved the way for his electronic pop songs by manifesting a feeling of oneness with natural transformation. Bby Eco’s music can be described as emotive and dreamy – yet catchy and energetic. A sound wherein he aims to weave a thread between fantasy and reality, connecting one’s inner feelings and experiences with the outside world.
ஃ ຖҽ℘ꪻꪊហᓰꪖ ஃ HYBRID DJ SET
Could ooooo listen to ++++’s lowest notes and the highest ones too? It’s like being six hundred years old, even though I’m not really that old…You set me in motion, a force that rolls and spins cease emanating longface They acknowledge the power the other person holds, causing them to roll and spin like a whimsical dance.++++ loved how ooooo made him roll and spin around. But one day, ++++ came home to explain something magical that happened. He accidentally turned himself into something different! Unexpected dental talk To top it all off, there’s a warning of impending deluge. It’s like a dance of power, making the girl roll and spin.
Artwork and graphic design by Nufolklore Studio
Supported by Stadt Wien Kultur