Subwater Beats presents Motherdrum + Sinularia

M O T H E R D R U M Alexander Yannilos: Hybrid Drumset Bernhard Höchtel: Synthesizer

do 26091920:00 Live

MOTHERDRUM is an instrumental collective founded by Austrian drummer/producer Alexander Yannilos. MD gathers some of Austrias most progressive musicians in improvised live-sessions on stage and in the studio. Tracks are produced on the fly. No rehearsal. No setlist. No undo. The result is a sizzling mix of morphing styles, that can move from Avantgarde Jazz to Broken Beat, grimy Funk or Industrial Techno within just a couple of bars. HARD TO PUT YOUR FINGER ON, EASY TO MOVE YOUR FEET TO.///



Jo Wespel: Guitar, fx, Composition
Felix Henkelhausen: Double-Bass, fx
Max Santner: Drums, fx

Sinularia from Berlin is playing “Subwater Beats”, their self- created genre. They combine Wonky Beats and Intelligent Dance Music inspired by Flying Lotus and Aphex Twin, Jazz and Improvisation, complexistic rhythms with floating melodies and chords out of the Electronica world. Jo Wespel (guitar, fx, composition), Felix Henkelhausen (double-bass, fx) and Max Santner (drums, fx) from Berlins young (post)contemporary scene are transforming their virtuosity to “refreshing and unpredictable colours” (Jazz’halo / Belgium). Sinularia´s concept merges musical and visual characteristics to create a wholesome concert experience. They wear specially designed fluorescent jumpsuites that create an underwater-world esthetic together with glowing corals in black light. Sinularia played, amongst others at Überjazz Hamburg, What is Music Festival Burgos, KIM Festival Berlin, SURfF Festival Berlin, Bandstand Festival Hellerau (European Centre of the Arts), BRN Festival Dresden, Subwater Beats Festival Dresden.