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Thursday, 14. March


🌿 18-21:00 LISTENING SESSION* – rhiz

* All contributions released via our Website & Soundcloud



DJ Warzone has been one of the heads of the Viennese techno underground for a good decade. The producer and DJ with Kurdish roots is as clandestine as he is active. He plays at the city’s raves, is co-founder of the Horsepower series, has already recorded mixes for major Soundcloud platforms such as Crude or Boilerroom Harddance and is represented on labels such as Natural Science, Puppy Tapes or Magdalenas Apathy. With his harsh lo-fi sound, he serves the entire spectrum of the hardcore continuum. Dirty drum machines and caustic synths are used as well as digital tools. The result sounds rebelliously infernal – “the sound for post-apocalyptic wastelands of hulking war machines and shattered dreadnaughts”.



Sara Glaxia is working with various media and forms, her drawings, performances, installations and texts draw an exploration on the ordinariness of everyday life and its ritualised dimensions, the notions of radical subjectivity and the personal and public spheres of life. Her works are reminiscent of the fact of the social context of any artistic work and, on the other hand, document her glamorous outbreaks from it as well as her performative series of experiments of the continuous dismantling of social and economic barriers.


Artist and Musician Sami Mandee moved to Vienna from Virginia in 2009. For 10 years he booked shows under the name LIFETIME in which the DIY ethos of his hometown informed the strategies he set for engaging a local audience to new sounds. With acts such as Lorenzo Senni, Kelela, Total Freedom, Mykki Blanco, Sissy Spacek, Sami contributed to a widening of the sonic landscape in the city. Under his THUNDERDRONE alias, he performed abrasive r’n’b basslines at Donaufestival and supported Cold Cave at Arena. Graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in 2022, Sami Mandee’s multifaceted art delves into the interplay of image, sculpture, video, and sound, investigating the dynamics of language and meaning through a blend of poetry and humor, underpinned by historical narrative research. Sami Mandee is commissioned to create the soundtrack for an audio-visual work by artist Jojo Gronostay that will be shown at the Museum of Modern Art, Vienna in the summer of 2024.



Brii Bauer aka Power has been busy organizing the Viennese underground scene for years and was a member of the live improvisation projects Bird People, founding member of the live improvisations techno duo S.E.P. & the underground experimental punk band Ausländer. Brii Bauer has been curating various events all through Europe, including being curator of events at Donaufestival Krems. She has worked as a music journalist for many years and co-worked on the publication round the viennese underground-scene “AUZine”. She is founding member of the artist and DJ collectives Love Is Strange, Arsyugoslaviae or Pussy Trio. Together with Jeschka Oszilat they are the musician doublet Fatalismus Spunk, which has collaborated for releases with Gran Bankrott, Dita Mattersorfer and Gee Aitch. Their track “mouse” was published on Vinylograph as a soundpostcard in 2020. In August 2021 Power and Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt founded (Afghanistan Mon Amour) a avant-garde experimental music duo of visionary magnitude.


before 🌿 LISTENING SESSION (18-21:00) – Free Entry

feat. recordings by C-drik, Katharina Gryvul, AGF, Mursal

Guests: Mursal

Open discussion moderated by Conny Frischauf, Samo Zeichen & Shilla Strelka


C-DRIK – “Post Scriptum, Pure Silence”

Cedrik Fermont (aka C-drík, Kirdec, Cdrk) is a Berlin-based Belgian-Congolese composer, musician, mastering engineer, author, radio host, concert organiser, independent researcher and label manager (at Syrphe) who operates in the field of noise, electronic and experimental music since 1989. His compositions and installations vary from sound art and electroacoustic to noise, to industrial to more conventional “dance” music such as electronica or acid and so on. He composed music for sound installations, theatre and choreographies. He has toured extensively in Eurasia, Africa and North America, and his main research focuses on electronic, electroacoustic, experimental and noise music from Asia and Africa. In 2017 he released together with Dimitri della Faille the book Not Your World Music, about noise music in South-East Asia, that won 2017 the Ars Electronica Prix in the “Digital Musics & Sound Art” category.


KATARINA GRYVUL. – “distant explosions bomb missile in Ukraine”

Katarina Gryvul is a classically trained Ukrainian composer, music producer, violinist, and educator. In her work, she emphasizes the exploration of diverse timbres, sound textures, and the fusion of classical music with progressive forms of electronic music production. Primarily, Gryvul collaborates with acoustic instruments and live electronics, incorporating elements such as multichannel electronics and ambisonics. She is the proprietor of Gryvul School, offering intensive music courses covering composition, music production, and improvisation.


AGF – “can you hear them”

AGF aka Antye Greie-Ripatti a sound artist and electronic music producer. Her work inhabits an augmented space where pounding {Berlin} experimental after-techno, spoken word, abstract video art, feminism and radical ecology create a self-sustaining environment. Originally from East Germany, she started to develop a DIY approach early on, while also using her voice to fight against oppression by supporting marginalized communities and calling out injustice, most recently through female:pressure, a support community and promotional platform for female-identified electronic musicians. Currently based in Northern Finland, Antye founded the local arts organization Hai Art in Hailuoto.


MURSAL – “mother there”

Mursal is a Vienna based performer and DJ. Her background in dance shapes the way she listens to, selects and plays music. Her DJ-sets are ranging from heavy percussions to grainy noisescapes.


CONNY FRISCHAUF co-moderator

Conny Frischauf is a multidisciplinary artist, composer and DJ currently based in Vienna, Austria. _’s work comes in different forms such as sound, performance, sculpture, text or installation settings. _ experimentally explores exclusionary politics of language and narration and is interested in decentralized forms of relationship, encounter and resistance.