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Wednesday, 17. April 2024


at rhiz – Free Entry

🌿 Listening to the contributions of Kareem Samara (PSE/UK), Tanat Teeradakorn (THA), Eljesa Beka (XK/DE), Stefan Fraunberger (AT), Afrodeo (TUR/AT)

Guests: Afrodeo, Stefan Fraunberger

Open discussion moderated by Jasemin Khaleli, Samo Zeichen & Shilla Strelka

* All contributions released via our Website & Soundcloud


Kareem Samara is a musician and composer from London. His work combines instruments used in traditional Arabic music along with electronics, creating new lines of dialogue between traditions resulting in a unique soundscape and performance.


Tanat Teeradakorn is a multi-disciplinary artist, musician, DJ, and graphic designer based in Bangkok, Thailand. Working across multiple mediums including sound, music, performance, text, printmaking, merchandise design, and installation. By combines fragments of his biography, memory, data, and historical narratives where multiple fragments of story and information collide, juxtapose, and are transformed into new bodies of work. Tanat’s work interrogates the ways in which cultural narrative constructs, circulates, and replicates across media, culture, and spatial context.


Eljesa Beka, a Prishtina born and raised multi-disciplinary artist, has developed her career through a vast interest and work in music, film programming and literature. By having access to various synthesizers, hardware and film producing gear, while being part of the crew of the only alternative cinema in the city – Kino ARMATA, she learned how to work and experiment with sound, producing electronic music. She recently had a performance in Tirana which brought together music and personal poetry, for the exhibition “We Honor Only Those Who Changed Tonight” as part of Lule Kosova 2024, showcasing a preview of her upcoming album “I have a lot to say but not yet”, set to be released in June. Eljesa’s talent and dedication to music, poetry and film have been ways of growing a deep appreciation for art and culture, and have served as channels for self-exploration and expression. She now lives and studies in Berlin.


Stefan Fraunberger is an Austrian composer and artist exploring themes of transformation and liminality in sound, focusing on materiality in relation to perception. Stefan engages in electro-acoustic dialogue with different instruments, beings and agencies beyond nature and culture. By investigating embodied understandings of the uncanny, his work touches on time, matter, memory and transition. Fraunberger holds a degree in electro-acoustic music and a diploma in Arabic language, oriental studies, and Euro-philosophy from the university of Vienna. One of is his main live-instruments, the hammered dulcimer, is used frequently in his Alpine homelands as well as in Eastern Europe and Central Asia – which reflects his shifting centre of gravity, interpolating between traditions and modernities ultimately bearing witness to our surroundings becoming alien through the very process of their unearthing.


Afrodeo is an Istanbul-born producer, rapper and radio personality based in Vienna. Influenced by Eisenstein’s montage theory, his sampladelic work generates poetic evocations of memory and fantasy through the combination of sounds from a vast sonic palette ranging between tape loops, field recordings, TV/film samples and ethereal singing. Besides releasing music, Afrodeo has been hosting a thematic radio show called Sovyet Montajı since 2016.