Son Of The Velvet Rat / solo residency part 1

Special guest: PRETTY PLEAS

di 15032220:00 VVK + Abendkassa Live
Son Of The Velvet Rat / solo residency – plus special guests
15.3 / 22.3 / 29.3 / 5.4. 2022
The rhiz – solo – residency will offer a rare glimpse into the naked core of SotVR’s repertoire. It’s SotVR’s long-standing California-routine, now resumed in Vienna for the first time – just a singer, his song and an intimate performance.
On 4 Tuesday nights in a row a very special guest will grace the small stage at the rhiz, opening for SotVR.
Special guest: PRETTY PLEAS
Pretty Pleas is the new Viennese band made up of members of The Razorblade, The 05 and The Marks. Daniel Adam Smith is the singer and main songwriter of Pretty Please and will present the band’s new material and some older material in a solo electric format. Daniel, formerly Buntspecht Records recording artist and co-founder of the Vienna Songwriting Association is an American artist that moved to Austria from NYC about 15 years ago.
1 night: 18 EUR presale / 20 EUR doors
2 nights: 32 EUR presale only
4 nights: 62 EUR presale only