Signal Zirkus 022 | Staubfaden

STAUBFADEN | for the 22nd edition of SIGNAL ZIRKUS, we're looking forward to 4 live sets with very different approaches.

di 25061920:30 Abendkassa

Arthur Alexander (Wien/AT)
Arthur Alexander has been making music from an early age on and always tries to develop further. Originally coming from guitar oriented music, he will perform an electronic live set focused on playfully alternating beats and sounds. The attempt will be to hold the balance between variation in songstructures and parts, and maxing out a pattern for the sake of it, using concepts of both electronic and band based music.

Sebastian Bauer (Wien/AT)
Instrument. Kick. Snare. Bass. Band. Drift. Zusammen. Auseinander.
Gefüge. Einheit. Chaos. Alle. Einzeln.

Michael Stark (Wien/AT)
Michael Stark is an actor and composer living and working in Vienna.
Coming from a background of classical training in both piano and guitar, his interests shifted over the years more and more towards modular synthesizers. Currently he is working on his debut-release on Rosso Tunes, where he explores the ever fascinating territory of evolving soundscapes and deep drones.

LoTa (Wien/AT)
There is music out there, electronic music, a soundscape from another space out there. Techno live improvisation @home from vienna(minimal hard dark to acid & underground). Stereo recorded in one take, not perfect, authentic.

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As always: 4 artists perform live sets (20-40 minutes). In the break there’s a Modular Bits synthesizer workshop conducted by RAW VOLTAGE – Modular Store Vienna

Looking forward – see you at Rhiz
Markus & Moritz
& the whole SIGNAL ZIRKUS Crew





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