sama recordings pres. s c h w e b e n № 10

LIVE: Ginevra Nervi (IT) + HRTL (CZ) + dj sets by internetsari & Welia

do 22122219:30 VVK + Abendkassa Club DJ Live
sama recordings pres. s c h w e b e n № 10
December 22nd, 2022 – rhiz Vienna
Ginevra Nervi (La Tempesta Dischi, IT) LIVE SET
internetsari DJ SET
Welia DJ SET
hosted by:
Ambient Animal (sama recordings)
Poster Artwork & Photography:
Pia Reschberger
Limited Presale: 12 EUR –
kindly supported by Stadt Wien Kultur / MA7
„sama recordings pres. s c h w e b e n“ evenings rub against the often closely meshed interfaces between avantgarde pop, electronic music and experimental music trends of the 1970s and 1980: beguiling kraut excursions, organic club music, uplifting ambient drones & gripping rarities to dance to: profound musical realities from different angles that will inspire you.
Ginevra Nervi (La Tempesta Dischi, IT)
Ginevra Nervi is an exploratory electronic composer, songwriter and producer from Italy. She mainly works as a composer for film music and has also performed at Primavera Pro Sound 2021, MENT Festival, Triennale Milano and many other festivals. In her music, she lets her voice, emotionally gripping melodies and hauntological sounds and noises come together as an ‚acoustic illusion‘ in song structures.
Her film scores have already premiered at the 77th Venice Film Festival, on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Her album THE DISORDER OF APPEARANCES was released in June 2022 on La Tempesta Dischi.
with the support of Italia Music Export

To hear HRTL playing live is an unforgetable experience. His performances as well as his recorded material are mischievous and improvised, full of prodigious musical structures. His music, all made on hardware synthesisers, evolved from post-witch-house towards repetitive rhythms with lush melodic elements, switching between playful arrangements to conjure various atmospheres. Be it a dirty house track with an 80s touch, fluorescent techno or dark bubbly beats, HRTL never plays the same thing twice. He is the founder of Brno-based cassette record label Bükko Tapes and active member of the famous collective Bastl Instruments, a group widely known for their innovative ability to create hand-made open-source music hardware.
Welia (sama recordings, AT)
Alexandra aka Welia is part of viennese label sama recordings and has her own bi-monthly show on Malmö based Retreat Radio. Her dj performances show an innate sensitivity towards selecting and combining various directions in and beyond electronic music.
internetsari (AT)
Electro, Breaks & House – woven together by Sarala