Salon skug

w/ Puke Puddle & Clitzer live

do 21042220:00 Spende DJ Live Podiumsdiskussion
At the Salon skug on Thursday, April 21, 2022 we’ll let it rip at rhiz again: Tina Bauer (Terz Nervosa) and Kristina Pia Hofer (Ana Threat, The Boiler, Voiler) deliver »magic moshdoom for the weird and needy« as DIY punk synth drum scream duo Puke Puddle. With their sophomore tape »Binge«, released on Urban Lurk at the end of 2021, they are perhaps the hottest hardcore band in town at the moment. They are supported by the punk rockers from Clitzer, who looked for and found each other at the Pink Noise Camp 2021. An open invitation to dance, jump and start the feminist revolution with melodic-experimental interaction and sweet queerness: Join in! Our guests at the skug talk and the skug DJ-Line provide the framework, 2G applies (plus test/mask are welcome), free entry donation, we look forward to see you all!
Salon skug is a series of events organised by skug with a changing program and changing locations.
Photo: Puke Puddle © Christian Sundl
Graphicdesign: Kathi Arnecke
supported by Stadt Wien Kultur