rhiz pres. THE ZEW & PATRICK LAMMER live

lo-fi cyborg songs

mi 13042219:30 Abendkassa Live
THE ZEW plays lo-fi cyborg songs directly from the vault, creating celestial sound with guitar, effects and vocals. Rooted in classic folk as well as “outsider” music, her lyrics deal with states of liminality and cognition.
Freshly signed by Numavi Records – one of Austrias finest and biggest independent labels – we are super delighted to have Leonie Schlager aka THE ZEW finally performing her beautiful songs at rhiz.
Patrick Lammer, who has a background as a musician in theater, likes to write epic pop songs with a high emotionality and intensity, haunting music with deeply personal lyrics, mostly created on the piano.
Together with Bernd Satzinger (Kelomat, Die Strottern, Maja Ojsonik Band and many more, co-founder and director of the Jazzwerkstatt Wien), who enriches the piano-heavy pieces with partly experimental electronics, they will hit the stage of rhiz for the first time.
Doors: 10 EUR
Illustration: Leonie Schlager [ http://www.offfen.com/ ]