rhiz pres. LIVE: Oholo! (SLO)

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rhiz pres. LIVE: Oholo! (SLO)
Doors: 19.30 CEST
Admission: free donation from 5 EUR
Oholo! is a conflict. Camaraderie without a final consensus. A collective of individuals. Mnogobolje (muchbetter), dissonance, polit-arsing, demo-cracking. Selves coming together in unlimited jazz. Boomers, but still younger and middle-aged generation. Visions of the past. A reflection of the perpetual questioning of one and the same. However, Oholo! is also interminable action, the staking of sweaty bodies. Hitting a bare wall, just below the nail on which a painting once hung. Seven Snow Whites. Cotton swabs. Seven Dionysus’ goats. The offbeat septet is Oholo!
Oholo! creates at the intersection of improvised and composed music. In the past years seven Slovenian musicians have regularly performed in the Slovenian and neighboring (Italy, Croatia) international space. Oholo is a larger band, a collective, a septet, in which well-known musicians have decided to undertake own compositions that, because of the nature of individuals, always sound new, different. In 2020 they released their first album Mnogobolje, but are now working on new material as well.
Andrej Fon – tenor sax, clarinet
Jure Boršič – alto sax
Marko Jenič – violin
Andrej Boštjančič Ruda – electric guitar
Jošt Drašler – double bass
Tomaž Grom – double bass, electronics