PTR LZRS Tape Release Show w/ JULIA JUST live

hosted by Wilhelm Show Me The Major Label & TRANSFORMER (WSMTML68/TM015)

fr 21062420:00 Abendkassa Live
20:00 Doors
21:00 Julia Just
22:00 Ptr Lzrs

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Julia Just’s is an idiosyncratic electronic soundworld of haunted drones, pulses, creaks, and reverberations. The Vienna-based artist deploys field recordings alongside granular synthesis and various digital FX chains via a modular setup – but the result is consistently surprising and mired in a deep sense of darkness. Abstract journeys from the intersection of post-industrial, dark-ambient and electroacoustic music.


Measured movements in the dark, a frantic yet coy dance in artificial fog under electric stars. Techno-ish music based on throwing samples against the wall with varying degrees of BPM. Running in circles without any sense of direction, all fours to the floor.