Poison Point + Voiler

Poison Point started as a solo project operated by Timothée Gainet.

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It’s only logical, we figured, that Poison Point, Timothée Gainet’s coldwave EBM venture, follows the sold out Blind Delon-show (thanks so much, again ❤). After all, the two entities collaborated on the raw ballad „L’Envie“ and Blind Delon put their own spin on Poison Point’s „Roses and Lies“.

Originating from France, Poison Point is renowned for the fusion of frenetic drum machines, piercing synths, and chilling vocals. Poison Points EBM anthem „Bestiensäule“ has found its way into the track IDs of luminaries like Ellen Alien, Bestial Mouths, Soft Vein, and Ex-Heir, among others. The unveiling of „Mysteries in Fire,“ the inaugural single from the forthcoming album ‚Wandering Echoes‘, sets the stage for a hauntingly synth-time.

Simultaneously, Viennese VOILER will ignite the atmosphere with ‚Anhedonia‘, a sonic odyssey capturing the essence of detachment and desensitization. What’s not to embrace about that? Catch you at rhiz!