PLOT TOY presents

Live: Alley Catss (HU), Ursula Sereghy (CZ), In My Talons (AT) II DJs: DJ Hauswein (AT), Trulla b2b Bootlicker (AT), Little Star (AT), WILMA (AT)

fr 26112122:00 Abendkassa Club Live
Very first event, very happy to present 🌳
Doors 22:00
💚 Live Concerts 💚
23:00 Alley Catss (HU)
00:00 Ursula Sereghy (CZ)
🍃 DJs 🍃
01:30 DJ Hauswein (AT)
02:30 Trulla b2b Bootlicker (AT)
04:00 Little Star (AT)
If you’re not able to get vaccinated, please reach out.
We kindly ask you to pay attention and respect boundaries, if you don’t act respectfully you’re out.
The crew is there for you! We’ll be wearing the same shirts during the event.
Let’s enjoy the night together and look out for each other!
Entry: 10€
kindly supported by Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlicher Dienst und Sport