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Welcome to the 2nd edition of our house community event – our main focus behind organising and curating this event is to show our deep appreciation for house music and to create a space for its community.

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DJ Ume

When DJ Ume is behind the decks, good vibes are guaranteed. As 1/3 of the Asian DJ collective „Hotpotposse“, she brings together a wide variety of people and their love of music to the dancefloor. Her own musical interests range from house music to UK funk and hip hop. DJ Ume accompanies us with her track selection through the night and into the early hours of the morning, thus making us completely forget about time…


HELIX is a dancer and DJ living in Vienna. HELIX found to DJing through dance and her love for music, which she also centers her sets around. She loves to share new sounds and to enjoy the flow.


Sora is a Vienna based DJ and one part of the DJ Duo Voices From Beyond aswell as a member of the collective A Party Called Jack, which is bringing Underground Dance Music to the Clubs of Vienna. In her sets, you will hear soulful vocals, broken rhythms, heavy 4 to the floor and deep melodies. She chooses music with the intention of making people move, feel, celebrate and enjoy themselves, so be ready to be taken on a ride!

Matt Alert

Matt Alert is a DJ alterego of Mátyás Kántor. His broad musical palette and background has been explored through his street and club dance journey therefore he is not affraid to take interesting turns and bring surprises to the ears for the participants. Drawing inspiration from his own experiences Matt Alert is aiming to create a deep sensational atmoshpere where you can let go of the body and get on the spiritual side of pulsating underground electronic dance music. Journey is guaranteed.